The Donators List

The lifeblood of any community are the community members themselves. Two groups of these community members are listed on this page, Members of the Engineer Corps... and Cash Money Donators.

Both of these donator groups qualify for additional perks on the server (such as reserve slots).

- Engineer Corps... is dedicated to the few, the proud, the contributors of fresh content for the website. Create a 'Build' Project - become an Engineer Corps member. Write a tutorial? Yup you guessed it, you become an Engineer Corps member. So, if you love Newbs, and you want to do us a big solid - write up a tutorial, create a craft or other real world object/project and send in some pics and a howto and you can see you're name and face up in lights.

- Cash Money Donators - As the Wu said, Cash Rules Everything Around Me / CREAM / get the money, dollar dollar bills ya'll. In the land of Newbs we've been fortunate and had incredibly low overhead during our first year of operations. As our community matures we have expanded to incorperate additional servers, which are bigger, faster, and better overall. This expansion for the bettering of the Newbs Community does cost money though. Some very generous people have stepped up and have donated money to help keep the servers up and running :)


Must say nice positive things, must say nice positive things.... Hmmm.
Dingo is what people in my office would call a creative. She comes up with ideas of what would be cool, and she goes off and makes them. She primarily seems to work with metal, but she went out of her way to make an accessible 'project' for others to make (which may have been influenced by my non-stop begging and promises of stardom and fame). I was so happy about her Demoman Plush Sticky Bombs Tutorial that I made an entire section on the website for it. Heck, I even got all the materials so I could make some, unfortunately I have been busy with the webpage, so no plush sticky bombs for me (yet). Dingo also moonlights as a fail medic and a fungineer, so be careful out there.


NFreak (a member of Baersharks) really lucked out. He made a comment on the forums one day joking about how he was going to make a crab spy calendar. He made it, the people came, linked to us, more people came. Excellent... This whole thing should be made into a movie. Its a rags to riches story about one motivated person and his brother setting out to make the world a safer place for crab spies through a campaign of education and lol. Congrats and Kudos.

Maj. Cottonmouth   

Maj. Cottonmouth (a member of My Last Won) is our resident machinima / in game videographer (is that a real word?). He makes fun little shorts, and compiles and edits .dem footage for highlight reels. He will be the main contributor on the soon to be released 'videos' section of the website. He earned his stripes for the engineer corps... by writing a very indepth beginner tutorial on How to Use Face Poser. If we had 50 people just like him, I'd never get anything done for work, too many videos to watch ;)

Koans R Us   

Some people talk the talk, some people walk the walk - Koans puts cash (and his heart) into what he enjoys. I believe that koans has sponsored 7341 contests on the server, of which Gggly won first or second in all of them. In order to fully appreciate Koans its important to understand how Koans became an integral part of the server early on. I set up a server the first day of beta, and after a couple weeks I noticed that we had a bit of a problem. There was this sniper who kept everyone in check, and kept helping people. The problem was people started thinking it was his server. So I did what any smart person would do, made him an admin and thanked him for taking the initiative of leading without being told to. :) Anyways, Koans has always came through for the server, so we will always come through for him. In addition to all the steam bucks he's spent buying gggly a complete set of every game valve offers, Koans is sponsoring 2 of the 4 new servers (#5 and #6).


CmptrWz showed up on one of the 2fort servers to play with a regular, and has been all over several of the servers since. He joined up within three weeks of his first game on the servers, and currently provides several Left 4 Dead servers, TF2 #10, and a Mumble server. Into running servers (game servers and otherwise) and making things for the game he has figured out things that would have taken hours to days of research for octo to figure out on his own, some of which are the subject of his first tutorial for the site.
He also wrote this, because octo didn't know enough about him. :P

Grey Devil   

Grey is serious business. Have you ever played tf2, and some guy shot you through 4 walls and around a corner with a medic needle and instantly killed you when he wasn't even trying? Yup, it was grey devil. This guy has more names and ridiculous aim than anyone should be allowed to have. He brought me to the crab battle, and the crab won. He is a Jr/Fullish admin, and is currently sponsoring server #7 (a joint venture with Headshot Hitman). He brings the pain, and the fun, and the "omg I'm getting steamrolled I freaking hate being an engineer" to the game, all without breaking a sweat or caring about stats. Oh, and he makes really funny cow flash animations. BADASS.

Headshot Hitman   

I very clearly remember the day that Headshot showed up. I can't remember what clan he was in, but he looked intimidating. He then proceeded to spank my entire team while laughing. I swore he was cheating. then he got all buddy buddy with me and started talking about how newbs needed a clan, and how clan this and clan that. I told him to drop it cuz we weren't a clan type server. A short while later we had a sniper clan (NES). Somehow he'd found a DIFFERENT admin who was a sniper (And is listed 2 entries above) who thought a clan was a great idea. History was made that day, and shortly there after Headshot too became a Jr/Fullish admin. He (combined with his wonder twin Grey) is sponsoring server #7. Oh, and headshots a really good heavy, even though I think he has a bind that makes him hop and rotate and fly sideways all crazy.


Sairimmer started playing on the Newbs server in July, and has been a model player. In September Sairimmer joined the forums, made an excellent first post (a spray logo for newbs) which may be the first '1st post -> free reserve' post we've ever had. Then it happened, the day I had been waiting for, but dreading. A PM asking how to send money for the servers. Part of me was overjoyed, the other part was 'omg I dont have any of my stuff in order, none of the donator code is wrote, I dont know where it send it....'. At the end of the day (Actually the next morning) I had a nice bright shiny paypal contribution. I ran around in a circle for a few minutes and tackle hugged my gf. The newbs servers were finally a success. Its one thing for an admin to keep throwing money at a hobby, and a completely different ball game when a regular does it. So hats off to Sairimmer for making my month =)


Gggly.... Nuff said. Anyone that has played a couple minutes on the server probably has tons of stories about gggly. The important thing to remember here, is that gggly had to do horrible horrible horrible work in order to earn the money that he so kindly donated to the server. And he did it in Canadian money, right after it dropped a bunch vs the USD. True Story.

Scott Eats Bullets   

Scott Eats Bullets (a member of ICE) is a dominating force of heavy on the server. I remember the day when him and Major Dewar showed up, I felt really cool because a clan was enjoying my server. Little did I know ICE was an acronym without a meaning, and they just put [ICE] on so they'd look like they knew what they were doing :) Fortunately the ICE clan proved to be better then most, and they happily caused cowards to run on their first day on the server. Rumor has it that Scott named himself "Eats Bullets" because he thought he was going to do just that, as many of us can attest to, that is not the case - Scott day after day proves to be a strong rally point for his team. All you need is Scott, a soldier, and 2 medics and the other team is in for a world of hurt and lots of crying.


HunterZero (a member of ICE) has been playing on the Newbs servers since, uhm (goes and checks) oh wow - Okay, first of all HunterZero is the 21st person the server saw after I first enabled stats well over a year ago. To put this in perspective, I am the 112th person the server saw. In fact, only one other active player has a hlstats id lower than Hunters. Simply put Hunters been here since the dawn of time, he's contributed not only money, but his smart ass comments, and his (usually) playful jabs at other players. I have it on good authority that Dingo is planning on eating any babies that he does produce, and that she may eat him too. Luckily he's a pyro and dingos are made out of fur, and flame throwers have an effective distance much further than the striking distance of an average Australian dingo..

Major Dewar   

Major Dewar (a member of ICE) has been on the server since nearly the beginning. Dewar is a serious force to be reckoned with. Dewar, like the guy on the deus xx commercials is a mans man. Here are a few interesting facts about dewars role on the newbs server:
  • Credited with originating several tactics on 2fort (Stickies on grate).
  • He was the first second round Jr Admin pick.
  • Only player on the server to have a custom honorz and forum smiley created for him
  • Only person to have declined an honorz so far *see above*
With this sort of modesty, and high commitment to both the Newbs server and cause, makes him a wonderful addition to the Newbs family of fun. Oh, and he was instrumental in the formation of the great [N] clan...

Golden Marmoset   

What is there to say about Golden Marmoset that hasn't been said before. Golden has been a hardcore since before pyro was cool. He rocked out toasting up the baddies before the pyro update, before the fixed flames, before before before. I believe that Golden first started gracing our servers on the January 1st, 2008; since this day he has made it his mission to set us all on fire. Over and over again. When I pick up the intel, and start heading up spiral, I know damn well that Golden will be hiding around the bend to light me up. Heres to you Golden...

Shady Munky   

When I originally started adding this entry to the donators page I put a placeholder 'words go here'. When I came back a few minutes later to actually do this write up I thought to myself that it'd be funny to leave it that way. But then I changed my mind since I actually have a lot of nice things to say about Shady, and the clan he's in [MLW]. :) Shady and his posse of IRL friends have been coming to the Newbs server as far back as I can remember. Shady and Co. have always been very active and helpful (I know they've sat on an empty server with me for hours trying to get it going). On top of this Shady also sponsors the Newbs Ventrillo Server. =) Oh almost forgot, he's got a hot wife that lets him play video games all night too. Yup, we all could all do with being a little bit more Shady.


LtK has had an on again, off again relationship with [N]. First he joins, then he resigns, then he joins again, and then leaves without a word to go hook up with someone else.. I'm pretty sure he just sees us as a cheap easy booty call clan that will fulfill all his wants and needs until he's had his fill and leaves us to cry into our favorite plushie stickybomb. In between these rare and joyous (but brief) unions he participates in competitive play with Inertia. But unlike all of my exs, LtK has a heart. I had to endure a horrible long painful weekend full of misery with only the smallest glimmer of joy trying to get the Jump servers back up after they went away, and thats when it happened - After some light whine and qq on the forums LtK pledged to send Newbs some monies, and he did! Which made my entire weekend NOT suck. Thank you LtK.


V.Striker has been playing on the Newbs server forever. He is Irish. I believe he was born a pyro, and will die a pyro. I am absolutely certain that everyone has died to his wicked flame. He is the founder of the NEP (Newbs Elite Pyro) movement. Him + Golden == flames of death.. Go Striker!.

Chuck Norris aka Firin Mah Lazor!!   

I'm Firin Mah Lazor!!! lol. Anyways, this fine player has been with us quite a long time. He went by the name 'Homeless Drifter' for about a year. Firin is an upstanding member of the community, and is always very friendly while killing you. =)


Tara loves to talk. Tara has single handedly managed to convert 1.5 servers into almost always alltalk servers. She is best known for her giggle which marks her as respawning. Tara brings joy and a friendly voice into the lives of the bajillions of players who cruise in and out of our servers. Tara is also the only player on the server to win an award for a contest before the contest was conceived.


I think after listening to me talk about TF2 non-stop for a couple months SPIES finally decided that he'd had enough with playing TF2 on Xbox 360 and decided to try out the Newbs Servers. I'm very glad that he did, since he helped establish our very active jump servers, and served as a valued anchor for the various servers he was admin on. So a huge thanks go out to SPIES. He also helped establish the San Diego 'We like to eat food' tf2 club - which allowed me to meet Kanga, and learn more about The Family.

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