IDImageAlt TextDescription
1Winner Of _Win Koans Money_ Contest #2This award was given to the one, the only, [ICE] Scott Eats Bullets
2Demo on the Grate AwardDedicated to [ICE] MajorDewar
3Game Changing PerformanceGame Changing Performance was Awarded Based on Votes on the Forums
4Winner of _Win Koans Money_ Contest #1This award was given to the one, the only, [NES] Ggglygy
5Takes One for the TeamGiven to Octo, and Golden Marmoset for sacrificing themselves for the team
6Best Medic Award #1 - DingoGiven to Dingo, 19 votes (9 for others)
7And the biggest Mic Spammer Award Goes to... {OSS} Andy Enjoy your silence...Given to Andy 24 (13 for others)
8Best SniperWinners of the vote - Ggglygy and Via Gabe
9Winner Of _Best Spy_ - Bob DoleGiven to Bob Dole 15 / jaxass 10
10Mic Performance - GgglygyGiven to Gggly for singing real good
11Cash Money DonatorOf course its Koans
12I met octo IRLThis award goes to people who have actually met octo
13Newbs Community Group Logo EntryThis contest was won by Valvo
14Teamwork FTW!Kain Phalanx, Dingo, Octo
15Pumpkin Contest 2008Entered Contest, with badass pumpkin
16Winner and Runner Up for Pumpkin ContestNfreak and Dingo
17Engineer CorpsPlayers Have Contributed Designs Or Guides To Newbs
18If You can Ban, You can Hold The HammerAdmins With Ban
19Helped with contributing to the 'Buy Octo A Computer' FundIf you helped buy octo a computer in 2008, you get this :)
20Finished 1st in statsFinished 1st in stats
21Foot Meet Mouth.Fail :( Foot -> Mouth
22Gave a Hat to Octoin Honorz of the hat they gave up
23Gave GiftsGifts that Octo Saw
24Donated crate to a good causeDonated at least one crate to the 100 crates / 100 keys event
25Most DeathsMost Deaths
26Most Time PlayedMost Time Played
27Most DominationsMost Dominations
28Most God LikesMost God Likes
29Most Rocket JumpsMost Rocket Jumps
30Most Head-ShotsMost Head-Shots
31Most Caber KillsMost Caber Kills